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Bird Control for Mine Sites and tailings dams

The BirdDeter system is in successful operation at a number of mine sites. The BirdDeter system is used to train birds away from infrastructure and tailings dams.

The BirdDeter radar is placed across the birds' most active flight path. The deterrent stations are placed so that when the birds enter the protected area, they are frightened on the wing and continue flying elsewhere. The birds are trained to associate the protected area with danger.

Kestrel Coal Mine

The Kestrel Coal Mine commenced operation in 1992 and the majority of coal is extracted by longwall mining.

Mines typically have large amounts of cabling that is exposed to the elements and wild birds.

Before the BirdDeter system was installed, the mine faced a severe problem of cockatoos chewing the cabling. The above image is an example of this.

This proves to be quite an expensive problem that contributes to mine down-time. The problem can be resolved by a successful bird control strategy, using responsive bird deterrent systems.

Plutonic Gold Mine

A BirdDeter system at Plutonic Gold Mine, at Meekatharra in Western Australia, is used to keep birds away from tailings dams.


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