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Starling Roosts

The common starling (or European Starling) was introduced into Victoria in the 1850s and has spread across south-eastern Australia.

Starlings are attracted to livestock operations by the food or water available, especially during winter when the weather is cold and food is scarce.

Starlings flock and gather together in communal roosts, especially in the evening. These roosts can easily accommodate 20,000 or more birds and this can cause considerable damage to infrastructure, such as power stations.

Oakey Power - Keeping Away The Birds

Oakey Power Station in SE Queensland had a significant problem with starling roosts. The photo above shows thousands of starlings flocking on a power line.

After installing a BirdDeter system, the number of starlings was reduced to zero.

"When I first arrived, great black clouds of starlings would come in each evening. The BirdDeter system has been keeping the birds away for over a year now. I'm very impressed." Chris Reeves, Team Leader, Oakey Power.


Starlings cleared from Warwick City main street

  Warwick Daily News, 2006